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CDE Competions

CDE (Career Developement Events) competions are competions that help teach students learn and apply classroom instruction.

  • Farm Business Management
                 -Contestants learn how to do budgets and the genereal knowledge (vocabulary) of how to run a business.
  • Dairy Foods
                 -Contestants look for defects in the milk products and identify many different types of cheese
  • Land
                 -Contestants judge the soil and tell if it is good or bad and other characteristics of what it is good for.
  • Floriculture
                 -Contestants identify flowers and judge flower arrangements.
  • Equine
                 -Contestants judge and rank horses and tack and explain why they chose to place them as they did before a judge.
  • Poultry
                 -Contestants judge live chickens and chicken carcusses and place them in order of good to bad. After that they explain why they placed them as they did before a judge.
  • Livestock
                 -Contestants judge and place different livestock and explain why they placed them as they did before a judge.
  • Forestry
                 -Contestants tell how tall and thick a tree is and tell what type of product the tree would be best used as.
  • Meat Judging

                  -members complete a evaluate beef carcasses for quality and yield grade; identify various meat cuts and place carcasses, and identify wholesale and/or retail cuts.


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